A letter from our staff

H2O Akron,

We are living through strange times in Northeast Ohio. In the H2O Network’s history, we've never experienced something quite like this COVID-19 situation. Recently, the governor has declared a state of emergency and issued official recommendations to mitigate the threat of contagion at large group gatherings. Specifically, the recommendation from the governor is to avoid domestic and international travel, large gatherings, and communing where people are unable to be 3-6 feet apart. As you know, the University of Akron has suspended all classes for the foreseeable future.

Following the lead of government officials, health officials, and university officials in the contexts in which we conduct our ministry, our leadership team has made the decision to suspend all on campus activities through April 20th. We are acutely aware of the losses that result from this decision. In the face of such losses, emotions of shock, sadness, anger, disappointment, grief, confusion, and loneliness are entirely appropriate. It might even be natural to wonder: Are we prioritizing physical health at the expense of spiritual health? Without question, our plans have been disrupted. We’ve been presented with significant challenges to our way of life and ministry. But we choose to believe that the current situation also provides significant opportunities for our church.

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