Coronavirus Response

Below you'll find our most recent devotional thought and update regarding the Coronavirus. If you're wanting to know more about our response, check out our letter here.



H2O is a university organization and church designed to impact the campus of Akron. We are a community of people seeking to live out the values that Jesus taught. Our mission is to: ENGAGE the campus of the UA, INFORM people of the gospel of Christ, and INSPIRE our community to live like Jesus and change the world. 

H2O has been ministering to campus students around Ohio for over 30 years. We have seen God move in some amazing ways by changing countless lives. H2O Akron began ministering on the University of Akron campus in 2014. We have a weekly worship services on campus and Groups (Bible studies of 15-20 students). Students are using their gifts as a part of the body of Christ to expand the work of God and their lives are being transformed. God's work is far from done and we invite you to join in the work that He is doing.