The Well

What is discipleship all about?

What does it look like to live a life for God?

The Well is a discipleship experience with the mission to compel people to follow Jesus, as well as connect people to H2O. Taking place once a semester, the Well is a vehicle that we use to help people learn to live and grow as a Disciple of Jesus. We do this by outlining 6 key aspects to a Disciple's life. The Well is all about discipleship, and is the first step/prerequisite in becoming a leader at H2O church.

You’ll attend six sessions that cover topics relevant to your life, regardless of where you find yourself on your spiritual journey. These sessions include short teachings, discussion, and space to connect with God and each other. We’ll connect you with a current H2O leader who has graduated from the Well. This person commits to helping you process what you’re learning, and what’s happening in your life. You’ll also be given an opportunity to make new friends as you serve on a team with H2O!

The Well is currently closed for the fall semester! It will be available again in the spring semester, so check back around then for more details! Please email Chad Frank at with questions or for more information!